Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you are enjoying this Christmas season as much as I am. It really isn't the "stuff" we do, we buy, or we use to create that "christmasy" spirit. It's the simplicity of being with the people we love, celebrating the Savior, Jesus Christ, who has allowed us to breathe the air we breathe, and live this amazing life. Last year on Dec. 12, I lost my dearest friend, my mentor, and most importantly my Papa. He went home to be with the Lord and it left a great hole in my life. This year I have struggled to come to terms with the fact the He is gone. A few weeks ago I thought about how much different this Christmas would be without Him. While last year we spent it without him, it was such a chaotic time with his sudden death we didn't really celebrate. This year I'm doing my best to acknowledge the fact that He is much better off than I am. He's spending Christmas in Heaven. While I am doing much better than I had been earlier in the year, the heartache is still there. I'm getting older too. I'm 24, and Christmas seems to lose to its special feeling each year. I realized as I was doing some bible studying a few days ago, it's not about us. It's not about what I feel, what I can do, or what I can accomplish. I'm here to serve God and be a faithful servant. If I can fulfill His call on my life, I'm doing what I NEED to do! So many of you have lived through some hard times. You've lost someone close to you too. And maybe, just maybe, you're wondering where that Christmas spirit that once dwelt within you is at now. Friend, the spirit of Christmas lies within the heart of every man, woman, boy, and girl who trusts in the Lord. I pray you will look deep within yourself this December and find that sweet spirit of Christmas and rekindle it. I'm praying you have the best Christmas season yet! Below is my Christmas single, "Where Are You Christmas", that I hope will encourage you. It comes from my heart, because I have lived the lyrics! God bless you all!


Love and prayers this Christmas,


Landon Villines

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