Landon Villines Releases New Album It Had To Be God

Compton, Arkansas (May 22, 2015) Up and coming young Gospel artist Landon Villines is excited to announce the release of his first full length CD. Full of new songs by such awarded writers as Ronnie Hinson and Jeff Steele, this album captures something for every generation. 

Produced by Darrell Freeman of the Freemans, the project has been a long time coming for Landon. He had dreamed of making this CD a reality for a long time. 

Landon commented, "Darrell Freeman, outdid himself on making this everything I thought it would be and a hundred times more. My ultimate goals on this CD were to create a sound and style that every listener would enjoy and to encourage the listener that no matter what you're going through God already has the answer.” 

Background vocalist Chris Freeman stated, "I have always had a place in my heart for the youth in Gospel music, since I was just 17 when I came into this Industry. Today I believe the youth are still our future and are leading strong. Landon is one of the most promising up and coming new artists and he sure to make a great impression on hearts and a statement of faith for who he serves and knows what he is singing about. I feel blessed that I was a small part of on his new project 'It Had To Be God'. 

Villines is only 20 years old and already been singing full time for three years. He fully believes your answer is coming and when it does, everyone around you will surely say, "It Had To Be God". 

Coming from a very musical family, Landon's mother wrote "It Must Have Been Hard To Resist" and sings some backup of the song. Also, Landon's sister, Emily Villines and his cousin Hannah Villines sang backup on "Better Days". 
Be looking for Landon's first national radio single "When I Lay My Isaac Down" going out in the next several weeks. 

The song list includes: 
1. He Will Come Through --- Tim & Lana Chandler 
2. Unshakable --- Ronny Hinson & Darrell Freeman 
3. When I Lay My Isaac Down --- Billy Fields 
4. I'm Raised --- Jeff Steele 
5. Better Days - Joshua Jordan 
6. He's Got a Miracle For You --- Ronny Hinson 
7. It Must Have Been Hard to Resist --- Becky Villines 
8. It Had to be God --- Ronny Hinson 
9. I've Got It --- Unknown 
10. Rough Side of the Mountain --- Rev. F. C. Barnes 

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